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You can access NCU Training's Learner Information website and also our Blended Learning Instructions and Quality Assurance websites as well from this portal.

Furthering education is a wonderful way to change many aspects of your life. We hope you enjoy the course you have chosen to take.

Continued education can significantly open up new doors for career opportunities, adding new skills and abilities to your resume can most certainly put you in the running for new opportunities as they become available. The bottom line is that, whatever your life path, there are a number of unanticipated benefits to continual personal and professional development (CPD).

NCU Training is here to help you obtain the qualifications you might need and enable you to take full advantage of the opportunities and changes within today's ever-changing workplace.

Who We Are?

NCU Training (NCU CLG) is a non-profit independent organisation. Over 4000 students pass through our doors each year studying and obtaining qualifications in various fields of learning like Healthcare, Health & Safety, Security Training, Food Safety. Information Technology, Sales & Administration, Education & Training, Business & Office Skills, Accounts and SOLAS Safe Pass.

NCU Training Mission:

To provide quality information services, advocacy services and quality training and education to marginalised and low paid workers and others within the local community and also the extended community, using the ethos that all members of the society regardless of circumstance are entitled to quality education, training and access to quality well-paid jobs

NCU Training Centre Values-Statement: The following values underpin NCU Training Centre’s delivery of further education and training courses:

  • Commitment to the principle of provision of opportunities for the personal development of all learners, tutors and staff to enable them to achieve their maximum potential

  • Development of a caring and responsive organisation that emphasises openness, trust and co-operation while delivering further education and training services of the highest quality

  • Commitment to equality of opportunity regardless of age, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or special needs

  • Provision of educational and training opportunities for all those groups in the community that are traditionally more prone to being under-employed or unemployed

  • Recognition and encouragement of the diversity of cultures and traditions within the broader community

  • Continual development and introduction of new and appropriate training programmes that are relevant to the topical vocational needs of the community

  • Commitment to the promotion and development of an ethos of positive social responsibility

  • The following principles underpin the development, implementation and continuous improvement of quality assurance procedures at NCU Training:

  • Transparency: The work, policies and procedures that underpin further education and training provision at NCU Training should be transparent and available to interested stakeholders.

  • Inclusivity: The development and review of the quality assurance procedures should be based on input by all key stakeholders: learners, tutors, staff,professional bodies and relevant external agencies.

  • Relevance: The quality assurance procedures should be relevant and applicable to the specific requirements and resources of NCU Training.

  • Accessibility: The procedures should be written in clear, concise language that is readily understood in the context of further education and training and the procedures themselves should be easy enough for any stakeholder to use.

  • Accountability: Accountability for implementation and review of specific procedures should be clearly identified within the procedures themselves.

NCU Training Mission Values

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